山下博己 Hiroki Yamashita

Hiroki Yamashita was born in Shizuoka-shi, Japan in 1951. In himself being surprised, it is the next year when the Korean War began in.
He was charmed by cartoons at the time of the child, in his memory, he drew cartoons on the concrete floor of the nursery school with a piece of agalmatolite earnestly while called out by a crow flying in dusk.
The cover picture of the watercolor technique book called “The paysage guide” that he watched in tears of severe lost love in the season of the end of the high school student became the motive of his drawing and painting seriously.
Studying mathematics and learning art in Shizuoka University, but he wanted to make a career for himself as a writer without thinking at that time.
There was the exhibition of Isamu Noguchi on one day of 1992, at the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo. In front of the tremendous works he fell into the delusion that he wanted to die in art if he died. And he came back to art again and has reached at the present.

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